Consecrated Day in Dedza Diocese

The Diocese of Dedza had a double celebration on 8th of February 2020. On this day instead of celebrating Pontifical missionary union only (consecrated day) which was supposed to be celebrated on 2nd of February the day of presentation of the Lord. The diocese of Dedza also launched the year of the Bible which we failed to Lunch last year because of the visit of Msgr Joseph secretary of the nuncio office.

The day was very colourful spiced by the Bible and candlelight procession.

In his talk, Fr Antony Kadyampakeni said Consecrated life is rooted in the Bible. Hence all those who are called to serve God as priests, religious and brothers have to put the word of God as the centre of their life.

Putting the word of God as the centre of our life will help our communities to be United, overcome jealous, individualism, and appreciate the gift of our friends in our communities.

Pictures by Ephraim Madeya