Parents expressed gratitude to Catholic Church for molding their Sons into Deacons

By: Demetria Banda


Parents and guardians of seven seminarians who were ordained Deacons on Saturday 4th September ,2021 at Zomba Cathedral have expressed gratitude to the Catholic Church, Leadership and management of St. Peter’s Major Seminary for molding their Sons into deacons, a major step towards priesthood.


Speaking on behalf of the parents and guardians, Mr. Mlongoti, said they are thankful to God for the gift of faith and asked the new deacons to remain focused, keep praying and respecting Church authority, while the journey to priesthood rages on.


He further thanked Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa for presiding over liturgy,

Mlongoti also thanked the Rector and staff of St Peter’s Major Seminary, the religious and people of good will “for the tireless efforts in the formation process.


St. Peter’s Major Seminary Rector, Fr. Anthony Kamdampakeni, said it was God who allowed the formation of the Seven get to this stage.


.”I express gratitude to these 7 Deacons for their hardworking spirit and perseverance. Out of 52 Seminarians who started at Kachebere Major Seminary, only seven have made it today,” he said.


The Rector was also thankful to the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), for endlessly supporting St. Peter’s Major Seminary.


He also told the deacons that they are not there yet, hence a need to remain obedient and humble


He lastly said he was grateful to parents and people of good will for continued financial support to the seminary.


On his part Archbishop Thomas Msusa thanked all people who played a role in the formation process; from parents to formators, staff and the seminary.


Archbishop Msusa had also expressed concern that priests are not helping the Seminarians: “Nkhawa zanga, ” he said “We are not helping each other in the formation process. We are spoiling the seminarians by leading them into bad habits such as excessive drinking of alcohol. This is worrisome.


The Archbishop has, however, called on the entire Church, particularly the Catholic Men Organization, to financially help the formation process