The Catholic Church in the country through the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) encourages young people to make sound decisions through God’s intervention as they choose their future life despite many disturbing voices and influences in the world.

Vocations Sunday helps young people to deeply discern about their future life in the Church and society in order for them to choose with God’s guidance, a state of life for serving God: either as Priests, Brothers or sisters, married people or single life.

The call was made during the national Launch of the preparations for Vocations Sunday; a world day of prayer for Vocations in the Church. Speaking during the launch, Monsignor of Dedza diocese, Rev John Chithonje said young people, through prayer should listen to the God’s calling and choose a proper vocation for them.

“Young people in the Church and the country should choose a life of prayer.  It is only through prayer that they will be able to listen attentively where God is calling them to despite many disturbing voices, and be able to choose wisely a life they want to live for the rest of their lives. I also encourage all married people to realize that marriage is the foundation of all vocations. Therefore, marriages should follow the example of the Holy family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus and help their children grow into responsible Christians and citizens of the country. Through this, many youths will avoid bad behaviors like drug and substance abuse and early pregnancies”. Said Monsignor Chithonje.

Concurring with Monsignor Chithonje, the National PMS director, Rev Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa asked all Catholics in the country to pray for vocations in the Church, realizing that each life has its own challenges.

“Vocations Sunday is crucial as it is a time the whole Church focuses on praying for young people to make good decisions about their future. So the Church also encourages all Catholic faithful to help youths make solid choices through prayer, teaching and monetary contributions, to address gaps that are in the Church and society. “Said Fr. Mwakhwawa

He further asked all Catholics and people of good will to give more money for the universal solidarity Fund, which is where vocations offerings are sent, and the funds are used to support the training of young people in formation houses and parish communities, building Churches, Schools in various needy countries.

Ruth Kundiwa, a youth from Mtendere parish said the Church through vocation prayers will help her live a responsible life “This will help me to deepen my prayer life and I encourage youths to join various groups in the Church that provide guidance and help us make right decisions as future leaders.” She said.

Another Youth, Mike Banda from the same parish said the day made him realize how important he is as a youth in the Church and society. “I always thought as a youth, I am not that important in the Church and Society, but this day and the whole vocations period makes me realize it’s the decisions I make now that will define how important I will be in the future. The Church and society rely on us so I urge my fellow youths to make wise decisions about their lives.” Said Mike.

This year’s World Vocations Sunday will be celebrated on the 25th of April, 2021 on the theme “A call to Service after the example of St. Joseph”. The national vocations preparations launch took place at Mtendere Parish, Dedza diocese.