It’s now two months since the office of the Pontifical Missionary Society (PMS) in Malawi adopted teaching children catechism through the radio following the Coronavirus pandemic that disrupted physical teaching of children in their respective parishes.


Through Malawi’s Radio Maria Malawi, children’s Catechism curriculum has been maintained despite the Coronavirus pandemic putting many activities on halt.


Weeks since the teaching of children’s catechism through the radio commenced, the PMS office in Malawi has expressed satisfaction on how the lessons are being conducted.


The National PMS Director, Fr Vincent Mwakhwawa has since disclosed positive feedback on the catechism classes being taught through Radio Maria.


“So far, most of the kids are able to catch the lessons through the radio on Saturdays. We have feedback that we are gathering through the phone-in component that is attached to the lessons. Children are able to ask for clarification, make comments and ask questions where they didn’t understand,” said Fr Mwakhwawa.


“This is an indication that the children are listening to the program and we are able to have a missionary contact with them through the radio despite the Covid-19 restrictions,” added Fr Mwakhwawa.


Fr Mwakhwawa added that he is receiving feedback from parents across the country, commending the initiative.


He also expressed gratitude to local well-wishers who are supporting the initiative by providing airtime that is used to air the teaching programs on Radio Maria.


Following the Malawi government directive that restricted public gathering as a measure to prevent further spread of COVID-19, the Catholic Church in the country suspended teaching of Catechism to children.


Though children have missed physical contact with their catechism teachers, the curriculum has not been fully disrupted following the coming in of the teaching programs of Catechism via Radio Maria, in local languages, in the morning and afternoon hours every Saturday.


The initiative has witnessed children having even Catechism exams on radio with prizes being given to children who have answered the questions correctly.