By: ECM’s Stella Zulu

Staff members of the Catholic Secretariat of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi have been advised to demonstrate good stewardship in delivering various services to the people, by being   transparent, ensure team-work and together search for common solutions to problems Malawians are facing guided by the social teachings of the church

This was said by the Chairman of the Bishop’s Conference, Most Rev Thomas Luke Msuka during staff retreat at River Mark Lodge in Salima. Addressing the staff members, Archbishop Msusa said the retreat was important for it was an opportunity for the staff members to reflect back and see how they have conducted themselves and their work on behalf of Bishops from January to December 2018, and plan together the activities they intend to do this year.

The Archbishop said the staff members are supposed to be people centered, good listeners to people’s concerns by working not only for their benefit, but for peace and justice for all in the spirit of compassion for those in the periphery of the society. Further to that, the gathering was to help the members recognize and appreciate the good they are bringing to vulnerable lives in the country through various projects they coordinate in dioceses.

“Through the Catholic secretariat, the church has made significant and effective input into social, economic, and political engineering of our country and all the services we deliver are a result of your creativity and hard work. We have left indelible marks in justice and peace, health, education, community development sectors and the general infrastructural development in this country.  We continue to advocate for good service of the common good and the church has made contributions towards the reform of the democratic dispensation of this country. People look up to us, continue the good work you do.” Said Archbishop Msusa

The Archbishop therefore called for professionalism, where discipline, order and creativity should configure and transform social human development and ensure the well-being, justice, peace and harmony among the people of God. He also pointed out that It is the desire of the Catholic Bishops that the plans and goals that the staff members come up with should be aligned to ECM Strategic Framework 2018-2022.

“Through this gathering, I believe you will identify gaps that exit in the work that you do and together search for common solutions. Come up with concrete plans and goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-focused and Time-bound. Let me also remind you that the Catholic social teaching should always be our pillars in all our endeavors”. Said Archbishop Msusa

On his part, the Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Rev Fr. Henry Saindi said he has always believed in teamwork and collaboration among staff members and commissions at the Secretariat. This has been due to the realization that no individual can single-handedly solve the Catholic Secretariat’s Challenges and that the success of the Catholic Secretariat depends on all staff members working together. Therefore, he saw a great need for the review and planning meeting and also a retreat for spiritual recollection for staff members as we start a new year.


“Teamwork is a defining feature of our success or failure as an organization. It lies at the heart of solutions. We therefore need to build our team-work, personal relationships and collaboration while at the same time putting right our personal relationship with God. Therefore, I have set two goals for this retreat. First: to exchange views on pressing concerns affecting our work and organization, second, to build and strengthen our collaborative relationships.” Said Fr. Saindi


He then encouraged staff members to hold fast to the institution’s founding values guided by the ECM Strategic Framework and the Catholic Social teachings which were well taught retreat during the retreat. Staff members were then urged to strengthen teamwork for resource mobilization and sustainability of the organization, build complementary strengths and learn from each other’s experiences