BY: ECM’s Stella Zulu

The Archbishop of Lilongwe Archdiocese, Most Rev Tarsizio Gervazio Ziyaye has encouraged children in the archdiocese and the church to make use of their faith by sharing it with fellow children and parents as they were baptized and sent to evangelize

The call was made on Sunday, the 6th of January during national celebration of Epiphany Sunday at Chiphaso Parish in the archdiocese of Lilongwe. In his remarks, Archbishop Ziyaye said the day encourages that all people should know Christ and that he came to serve all, hence children needs to be helped by  the church to safeguard their faith and share it with others.

The Archbishop said children are active and important members of the church and that’s why the Church guided by Pope Francis is doing its best to help children realize their duties and responsibilities which they received during baptism. He also thanked the children for highly patronizing the event which he said showed the strong faith they have in Christ

“Through baptism, you received gifts of the Holy Spirit which guides you to realize the truth of our lives which is Jesus Christ. Let me tell you that there is nothing like relative truth, don’t be fooled with so many things happening in the world today. Jesus Christ is the only truth and your faith in him is an expensive asset which has to be shared with others so that they know him as well.” Said Archbishop Ziyaye

He continued that the church and parents are supposed to guide the children spiritually, physically and emotionally so that they grow into responsible Christians as they are the future of the church and the world. He therefore urged parents to live by example by always praying with their children at home and accompanying them to church. He then encouraged animators of Holy Childhood to continue the good work they do and advised the children to obey and respect parents and animators

“Through the help of your animators, parents, priests, sisters and others, continue growing in God’s wisdom and let Jesus Christ be the way of your lives. Go to church always and encourage other children who do not belong to your groups to start going to church and join you. Always remember that God commands us to respect our parents and those leading us to salvation, not to steal and all the commandments, these will help you grow into responsible Christians of the church.” Advised the Archbishop

Representing the children, Pius Pherani said children appreciate the support they always get from Bishops as they are not left alone during their functions. He also thanked the church in Malawi for allowing children to participate in church activities which gives them confidence in their christianity

“As children through baptism, we are sent to do charity work, give money to help others in need and also pray for others. The church has helped us realize this through Holy Childhood activities and we are happy.  We will continue encouraging our friends to go to church so that they should also be Christians Jesus is calling all of us to him”. Said Pius

He then asked parents who do not allow their children to participate in Holy Childhood activities to allow them do so for Jesus Christ himself is commanding them to let the children come to him.

This Year’s Epiphany Sunday was celebrated under the theme “Children are Baptized and Sent to Evangelize”. Children from all parishes of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe gathered for the national celebrations at Chiphaso parish while other celebrations will be at deanery and parish level.