Catholic children in the country joined other children in the whole world in celebrating Epiphany Sunday, a day the church celebrates Missionary children who pray and raise funds to help other children as the Church’s way of giving missionary formation to Children.

National celebrations were held in Dedza Diocese, Mua Parish where children from various parishes in the diocese convened and took a great role in the Eucharist celebration and all other activities of the day as part of their worship and formation of their Christian life. The event was graced by His Lordship, Emmanuel Kanyama, Bishop of Dedza Diocese.

In his homily, Bishop Kanyama advised and encouraged children to grow into responsible members of the church and citizens of the country through the formation the church is providing and advice from parents.

“This day reminds us all and the children that Jesus is the light and as such the children are supposed to grow in this light and be the same light in the church and to others. This day should help you children to be responsible in the church and should strengthen your Catholic faith. Let me also urge you to take education seriously and avoid early marriages especially girls for a better future”. Said Bishop Kanyama.

The Bishop also thanked parents for allowing their children to participate in the activities of the day which he said will help the children grow responsibly. This was in agreement with the theme of this year under which the celebrations were held of “A Christian Family, School for Children”.

In his speech, the National Director for Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) Rev. Fr. Vincent Mwakhwawa said the church is doing its best to help children grow in the knowledge of service, charity and love of others and therefore the children should respond positively by growing into firm Christians.

“I encourage you to read the word of God, pray for yourself and others and also love each other so that you should help the church achieve its mission. This mission wants to nurture responsible generation and we also encourage parents to understand that good formation should start from home as that is where all things start from”. Said Fr. Mwakhwawa.

As part of charity work, the children visited fellow children who are sick and admitted at Mua Mission hospital. They prayed with them and gave necessary materials bought by the children themselves including soap, flour and other food stuffs which encouraged the sick children and their parents.

During the event, children were also encouraged to plant fruits and natural trees each year so that the trees should also grow as the children are growing, this is to help mitigate climate change in the future and nurture in the children a responsible spirit to the environment.

During Epiphany, missionary Children pray and raise funds for the society of Holy Childhood to help their fellow children in the whole world through the motto “Children helping Children” which is giving missionary formation to Children.