img_00196th December 2016 remains a memorable day as members of the Catholic
Church and Evangelical through their mother bodies,Episcopal
Conference of Malawi (ECM) and Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM)
respectively stormed the roads of Malawi in all the 28 districts to
speak against the proposed Abortion Bill and Same Sex Marriages.

The march dubbed Citizens March for Life and Family and celebrated
under the theme “Lighting the Candle” brought together other members
from religious believers like the Quadria Association of Malawi,Church
for Central Africa Presbyterian and the Rastafarian community.

In his speech to thousands of people that came for the march,Secretary
General for ECM Fr. Henry Saindi said Malawi is not a secular state
rather its a God Fearing nation,therefore no need to legalize abortion
and same sex marriages as it is against the will of God.

Parliamentarian,Julliana Lunguzi who received the petition as chairperson of Parliamentary Committee of Health issues assured the gathering that they will act according to
the wishes of the people.

“I am a Catholic,a woman and at the same time a professional nurse and
I wouldn’t accept the abortion bill and same sex marriages.Pray for
us so that we are guided by the Holy Spirit when we are in the August
House,”she said.

Notable faces that came to receive the petition included Leader of
Opposition Political Parties,Dr. Lazarous Chakwera,Peoples Party
Acting President,Uladi Mussa and United Democratic Front Chief
Wheep,Lillian Patel.

Musician cum MP Lucius Banda who released a singleimg_0033

img_9922img_0146img_0076 a night before the
march,condemning abortion bill and the issue of same sex marriages was
also available.

Attached are photos by ECM Communications Department