Proper Use of Communication Platforms Vital for Development, Family Life

Archbishop ZiyayeProper utilization of modern and traditional communication tools and platforms couple with sharing truthful information to the public is central in accelerating development and deepening of love among people and the life of the family.

During his homily at Mtima Woyera Parish, commemorating the 49th World Communication, His Grace Tarcisius Ziyaye of Lilongwe Arch Diocese noted number of vital roles media houses, journalists and those working as communicators play in spreading of various messages to the people.

However, the Arch Bishop Ziyaye emphasized the need for the appropriate use of information and mediums of communication stating that Communicators must share with public the truthful information.

Bishop Ziyaye who underlined the importance of true love in people’s daily lives, said communicators must have love of God in their heart to help them share information which foster development but not information which influence immoral behavior and strange cultural practices.

Touching on this year’s Communication Day theme, ‘Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love’ Ziyaye urged every person to use all communication devices and mediums in a Christian manner and properly exploit them to defend dignity of the family.

Ziyaye said communication platforms should be used to share Godly information and helping people to live a happy family life and move closer to God.

Arch Bishop Ziyaye also praised Government of Malawi for allowing the Catholic Church including other religious denominations as well as individuals to establish their own media houses.

Guest of honor at the ceremony, Justin Saidi, Principle Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture, also noted the importance of sharing the right information.

He also commended the Catholic Church for having Communication Day saying it recognizes importance of communication and communicators in development.

He among others hailed the Catholic Church for establishing number of radio stations and printing houses which he said “helps” to disseminate information about the development of the country and Christianity

“Government alone cannot reach out to everybody, so we are happy that the Catholic Church is doing part of what government is supposed to do and us as government we are committed to work together with the church so that we should build our nation” he added

Earlier, Secretary General for Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Fr. Henry Saindi, speaking on behalf of Communications Secretary, also emphasized the importance of responsibility and factual when sharing information.

Saindi said communicators must always share useful and helpful information for the development of human beings, the church and the entire nation.

Communication Day is an opportunity where the Catholic church reflects the importance of communication in the Church as well as in development of human beings and the nation