1 thought on “ECM NEWSLETTER FOR JUNE,2015

  1. As A Dedicated and Devoted Catholic Christian in malawi,mzuzu diocese,i Like the spirit of courage,hope,faith,love and care for our beloved nation which is called warm heart of africa! May you pliz continue advising our national leaders so that we have a peaceful,just and corruption free malawi! Secondly,may you advise all political leaders especially the mps and councelors who like crosing the floor without respecting the views of all loving and responsible and innocent voters who excersized their right to vote for them and they attained their hon seats,but last minute,they just decide to change the party anyhow without asking for coscent from us voters! Thirdly; may you warm the political leaders not to accept mulpractice of gay,in malawi at the ticket of poverty and human rights or (DONOR AID),lastly may you advise the political leaders to refrain from cashgate scandals! Hope you will take my issues and address them in your ECM Pastoral Letter!

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